Preparing For a Buffet Catering Style Event in Singapore

Buffet Catering Service Singapore

Looking to host your guests for a buffet meal? Then hiring a buffet catering service in Singapore for your event will become a bit tricky.

Selection of the right food items and then managing presentation for an immaculate and flawless party will have you working on your toes. Not every buffet caterer in Singapore will be up for handling such a task.

So Here Are A Few Aspects That You Must Think About Before You Finalize Your Buffet Catering Plans For This Upcoming Event:

  • Number of People Attending: Before you hire a buffet catering service in Singapore, think about the total number of people who will be attending the event. Then there will be some guests who might think of bringing someone with them. All these contingencies should be factored in when you decide on the total number of people to place the order for. This will have a major bearing on the cost you will end up paying for the catering services.

  • Type of Buffet: You can always make a choice between a normal buffet and a BBQ style one or you can also go for a combination of both. BBQs will be a great way to interact with your guests and have a relaxing and engaging meal time. Normal buffets will be a more formal affair, as you have seen in many parties that you have attended.

  • Decide On The Cuisine: Your decision on the type of buffet will then have you moving onto the choice between different cuisines. Some food styles will support the BBQ buffet and some will not. Then you will have to understand the palette and preference of your guests as well. Think well before you make this choice. However, you can discuss this with your Singapore caterer who will be able to give you some resourceful suggestion based on his experience in the industry.

  • Think About Special Requirements: Singapore buffet caterers will normally have set packages for you to choose from, in which they provide a pre-defined set of dishes for a particular amount of money. The level of flexibility they allow on these packages differs from one caterer to other. So if you have some special requirements in mind or wish to have specific inclusions in your catering package, make sure you discuss these upfront.

These basic points will serve as a guide and ready reference to help you plan your party and book the best buffet catering service in Singapore for it. Hope you have a great event!

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