1. What is IndianCatering.sg Portal All About?
IndianCatering.sg is Singapore’s leading one-stop portal for people seeking Indian buffet catering services and food catering services from Singapore’s top Indian caterers. We assist people to search for their desired Indian catering menus as per their budget, needs and number of guests.

2. Why would I place a catering order directly from IndianCatering.sg?
IndianCatering.sg is stress-free online portal and helps individuals save a lot of time through enabling them to pick the appropriate Indian food caterer in Singapore for their event. We also offer 5% cash reward when the customers who have ordered their order from our portal. Also you can view the testimonials submitted for each caterers from previous customers.

3. How does the Indian Catering portal works?
Step 1: Navigate to your preferred caterer.
Step 2: Select a Caterer of your choice.
Step 3: Choose from the Menu as offered by the selected Caterer.
Step 4: View details and options of your selected Menu.
Step 5: Place an order with details of venue, date and time.
Step 6: The selected caterer will contact you within 2 working days to confirm your order.

4. Is the payment made to indiancatering.sg or to the caterer?
Customers will pay to the caterer as per caterers payment methods directly.

5. What are the cash rewards I receive from indiancatering.sg?
You will receive 5% of the total amount invoiced to you.

6. How Will I receive my cash rewards?
You will receive the cash reward after the event date by bank transfer or PayPal. Just Email us the details of the bank or PayPal to transfer the cash reward and we will make the payment within 3 working days.

7. I ordered the food through indiancatering.sg and now I want to cancel, How do I go about it?
You can contact the caterer directly to cancel the order.

8. I ordered a menu through indiancatering.sg and now I want to modify some food items, whom shall I Contact?
You have to contact the caterer directly to make any changes to your catering order.

For any further queries please use our Contact form and we will be happy to get back to you.

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Why Choose IndianCatering.sg

• Our one-stop portal that delivers personalized menu from renowned Singapore Indian caterers to turn your family events or business events a success.

• The expert chefs from Singapore’s famous restaurants allow us to list dishes from assorted Indian cuisines including South Indian and North Indian at our online portal.

• We are your one-stop Indian catering services portal in Singapore for all occasions such as weddings, housewarming parties, birthdays, kitty parties, and corporate events.

• IndianCatering.sg is offering their customers with cash Incentives who place order through our online portal 0f 5% of the full amount.

• Save your time, money and effort of making your favorite North Indian, South Indian meal or Prata On The Spot Live at your doorstep through placing an order at IndianCatering.sg.

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