Buffet Catering Singapore-Unfurling Top 4 Scrumptious Non-Vegetarian Dishes to Include in Your Menu for Your Next Party

Buffet Catering Services in Singapore

Organizing a beautiful party along with offering a delicious meal to your guests is one of the most difficult things to do for the party hosts and is quite exhausting. Not just the party venue and decoration is important, but also taking care of the food and appetizers that has to be served to guests plays a big role in making a party successful. It is really important to invest your time to think of what you should serve to your guests. Keeping this need of party hosts in mind, reputed and the best buffet catering services provider in Singapore have unfolded some of the most scrumptious non-vegetarian dishes for you to help you serve your guests better, let us just quickly check them out.

Check Out the Top 4 Appetizing Non-Vegetarian Dishes to Offer & Relish in Your Next Party:

  • Fish Cutlet:

Buffet Catering Services Singapore

Fish cutlets are a scrumptious Indian non-vegetarian dish usually served as a starter or sometimes as part of main course menu too. This delicious cutlet is made up from boiled fish and tempting spices and can either be eaten with ketchup or with rice and curry.

  • Sheekh Kebab:

Buffet Catering Services

Sheekh kebab is another popular Indian non-vegetarian dish usually loved as a starter in parties. This tempting dish is cooked using mutton mince mixed with onions and luscious Indian spices to bestow your guest a royal treatment and a yummy appetizer to munch on.

  • Chicken Tikka:

Buffet Catering Singapore

Chicken Tikka is a delicious Indian starter and can also be served as a main course dish. Its mouth-watering flavor will add the needed zing to your party.

  • Mutton Masala:

Buffet Catering in Singapore

The appetizing, soft Indian style dish is flavored with spiced onion tomato gravy and many tempting spices are quite enough to make your party wonderful.


So, what are you waiting for? Hire the best buffet catering services in Singapore and add either one or all of these appetizing Indian non-vegetarian dishes in your menu for your next party to tickle your guest’s taste buds like never before.

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