Craving for the Cool Dip in Hot Summer Party? Explore Top 5 Cool Dips for Your Next Summer Party

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The beautiful and hot summer months are some of the most difficult times for the party owners, frankly, it’s extremely exhausting.

Not just the venue, ambiance but mainly the appetizers part. You must think of what to serve to the guest in summer? Well, Indian cuisines and summer party is just the great combo in itself and Indian cuisines are the most preferred choice of all the guests and tantalize their taste buds like no other dish. The professional and the best caterers in Singapore can unlock delicious answer for summer party.

Top 5 Cool Dip You and Your Guest Can Enjoy This Summer:

  • Veggie Dip:

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This garlic salt Veggie dip is loved by everyone and the awesome spices and saucy flavors will add zing to your party.

  • Peanut Butter Fruit Dip:

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This dip is just awesome! It is thick, creamy and has a cool texture that gives your guest a tempting flavor. You can also pair it with fresh fruits!

  • Mango Dip:

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Tangy mango dip can be versatile dish to offer in your summer party, use it on sandwiches or simply dip your snacks into it for yummy savor.

  • Curd Dip:

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Curd dip is the perfect blend for summer party. Made with Yoghurt, coriander and chilies. A delicious dip will give your guest chill mouth watering flavor.

  • Coconut-Mint Dip:

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Mint coconut dip with a twist of Dal and Masala is the best option for hot summer party.

Hire the best caterers in Singapore and add that extra zing to your summer party by adding these yummy cool dips to keep you hydrated this summer.

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