Hire Professional Food Catering Services in Singapore and Relish on the Hottest & Delicious Indian Desserts in Your Party

Indian Food Catering Singapore

Indian food is special from rest of the world; it reflects a perfect blend of different religions and cultures. It is so prominent for its spiciness and mouth-watering desserts which can embellish your party even more. Nowadays, professional Food catering service providers in Singapore can easily offer excellent catering services on any event, especially the delicious Indian desserts. A good desert can enhance your bash hundred times.

Explore the Following Top 5 Delicious Indian Desserts in Your Party:

  • Gulab Jamun-

Food Catering Singapore

It’s a kind of festive favorite dish. The excellent old delight, loved by so many people made with khoya and dipped in saffron induced sugar water can give a mouth watering flavor to your guest.


  • Gajar Ka Halwa-

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Perfect dessert for winter’s party, a complete delight for sweet lovers, made by grated carrot, condensed milk and nuts that will give your guest royal treatment.


  • Kaju ki Barfi-

Food Catering in Singapore

Whether it a festival, a wedding or any other party, Kaju katli is a must have dessert. Katli made with cashew nuts and milk, topped with silver varq.


  • Aam Shrikhand-

Food Caterer in Singapore

Great flavors with few ingredients, made with sweetened yogurt and mango pieces will add a Gujarati flavor in your special day.


  • Payasam-

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If you are looking for south Indian dessert then, this can be the best option. It is a different and thicker version of kheer, extremely creamy and delicious made up of rice and milk pudding.

So, add these sweetest and delicious desserts in your party menu by hiring the professional food catering service provider in Singapore and enjoy the fullest.

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