Interesting Food Ideas for Your Next Party, Right from a Caterer’s Magic Box

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Tired of serving the same old food at your party? Looking for something new to try out at your next event – something that will catch your guests by surprise and have them enjoy their time like never before?

We have an idea, you can say right from a Singapore caterer’s magic box that is guaranteed to wow every person attending your party! How about a menu that is strictly ‘only finger food’? What do you think about serving comfort food that is diced in one-time bites that allows your guests to try a whole variety of dishes, without the hassle of having to carry a plate around? And to top it all, what would you say to the fact that this will bring down your catering service bill as well?

We Know We Have Your Attention Now:

Finger food is a somewhat lesser explored food style when we think about formal parties and sophisticated dinners. Of course, you will have these simple dishes served at the time of cocktail rounds but the party usually ends with a full course meal. Your guests usually don’t even notice or remember the finger food that was served to them. But if you take a bold risk of serving ONLY these dishes to your guests at the party, this will certainly come as a pleasant surprise to them.

And then there is the aspect of variety to think about. Generally, every catering service in Singapore will have a whole array of appetizer and finger food dishes in their menu. The range will include salad bites to savory delights and even desserts. Almost every cuisine will have different types of finger food for you to choose from. In Chinese cuisines, you have Manchurian balls or spring rolls. In Indian style dishes, you can for ‘pakodas’ and ‘koftas’. For a continental palette, there are cheese rolls and salad bites to consider. All in all, the variety is quite something.

Experimentation is no holds barred here. If you are toying with this idea of serving only finger food at your next part, you can ask your catering service provider in Singapore to serve Mac ‘n Cheese quesadillas or Mini pizzas, Besan pakodas, Chicken nugget bites, Fish sticks, whole-wheat pasta, Nachos, Chicken wings, sandwiches, Mini meatballs, Pizza rolls and Chocolate. Are you hosting a more sophisticated set of guests? Think meat balls, lamb chops, varieties of salads, fritters and the like. Even dishes that are more suited to fine dining can be customized to make finger food dishes.

Going for this style of catering is of course a risk, but it can pay off ten-folds in the form of positive feedback and praise from your guests. Why bore them with the same style of food every time? Ask your caterer in Singapore to suggest you on this idea. You will definitely love the reaction and surprise from your guests.

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