Know How Indian Catering Agencies in Singapore Add Zing to Your Party with Adding Delicious Indian Deserts in Your Party Menu

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When it comes to relishing the different variety of delicious cuisines in a party in Singapore, Indian food is just unmatched. A party food menu is incomplete without mouth-watering and yummy Indian desserts. Individuals just don’t need any special reason to eat desserts and it hardly matters what the event is or what time of the year it is; as it is all about treating yourself with delicious Indian desserts which makes you feel like you are in heaven. So, to tickle your guests’ sweet taste buds in your next party you require hiring professional Indian catering agencies in Singapore.

Check Out the Top Three Delicious Indian Desserts Which Are a Must-Have on Your Party Menu in Singapore: 

  • Gulab Jamun:

Indian Catering Services in Singapore

This old Indian desserts delight is cooked with Khoya, water, milk, refined flour or sujee, sugar, green cardamom and ghee. It is one of the most adored Indian dessert and a must-have sweet dish on your party menu in Singapore to give a mouth watering flavor to your guest.

  • Rice Kheer:

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Rice kheer! Perfect dessert for both winters and summers party. It has a thick and creamy texture made by boiling rice along with milk and sugar followed by adding dry fruits that will give your guest royal treatment. It is a delicious option for any special occasion.

  • Mango Pudding with Vanilla Flan:

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This is a smooth, velvety and soft mango pudding filled with a creamy layer of vanilla. It is a delicious Indian recipe served as a dessert at many occasions. This mango pudding has can add that much needed zing to your party menu.


So why wait? Add these top three Indian desserts in your party menu by hiring the best Indian catering services in Singapore and tantalize your guests’ sweet taste buds.

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