Prata on the Spot Caterers in Singapore: Top 4 Tempting and Awe-inspiring Prata to Relish in your Next Party

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Throwing a party is one of the trickiest and exhausting tasks for the party hosts in Singapore and when it comes to choosing Indian appetizers for your party to tantalize the taste buds of their guests, the process becomes even tougher. But don’t you fret! The Prata on the Spot Caterers in Singapore are here to solve all your party food problems with their delicious Indian appetizers menu to help you organize the most amazing party ever!

Check Out the Top 4 Indian Pratas Offered by Prata on the Spot You to Include in Your Menu for Your Next Party in Singapore:

Prata on the Spot Caterers

  • Cheese Prata: This yummy cheese prata is cooked by using extremely common and easily available ingredients like wheat flour, coriander, basic Indian spices and other cheese stuffing which is loved by everyone and its tempting flavor will add the needed zing to your party.


  • Mushroom Prata: A stuffing of mildly spiced mushroom combine with several spice powders, fresh green peas and wheat flour can give a mouth-watering flavor to your guests.


  • Banana Prata: Banana Prata is a delicious Indian recipe served as a both starter and main course dish. This is a very popular dish that is generally served in the Indian weddings.


  • Chocolate Prata: Chocolate prata is an all-time favorite for the chocolate-lovers, especially the kids. Treat your little guests amazingly with the yummy chocolate flavors and satiate their taste buds.


So, add either one or all of these appetizing Indian pratas in your menu for your next party to satiate the taste buds of your guests in Singapore with ordering online for Prata on the Spot’s catering services through Indian Catering.

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