Top 4 Scrumptious Non-Vegetarian Dishes to Include in the Party Menu by Your Caterers in Singapore

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If you are hosting a party at home or at a hotel then, probably you might be wondering how to mesmerize your guests with deliciously cooked food. Whether it is a lunch or dinner party, you can easily please each of your guests with giving a little thought, proper planning and hiring the best caterers in Singapore. Get ready to do a lot of hard work in choosing the right food options for your guests. When you witness a radiant smile on your fully satisfied guests’ face, you become even more gratified for your efforts in organizing an awesome party.

The professional caterers in Singapore have some really interesting experiences with party menu planning for non-vegetarian food lovers, branches out into some new variety of dishes and create fun and delicious non-veg dishes for your guests.

Discover The Top 4 Luscious Non-Vegetarian Dishes to Include in Your Next Party Menu:

  • Butter Chicken:

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Butter Chicken is a highly adored non-veg cuisine which is meant to deliver the diner a spectrum of authentic Indian flavors, with its recipes including a multitude of Indian spices. Butter chicken is also called as murgh makhani and is a spicy and creamy tomato Indian non-veg dish flavored with a wide assortment of authentic Indian seasonings such as chili powder, garlic, ginger, coriander, garam masala and fenugreek. This delicious non-veg dish also features fresh cream and lots of butter so, your guests might require making adjustments to their diet to fit it in.

  • Tandoori Chicken:

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Tandoori Chicken is made from marinated yogurt with authentic tandoor seasoning and Indian spices such as peppers, ginger and garlic. After that it is roasted and then served hot with biryani or naan. As it is cooked using garlic cloves and peppers, Tandoor chicken offers many health benefits like anti cancer and anti bacterial properties to your guests.

  • Kadai Chicken:

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Kadai Chicken is famous North Indian dish mildly flavored with tempting Indian spices and capsicum, which makes this dish even more alluring. Its mouth-watering flavors make it a must-have non-veg dish to be added to your party menu.

  • Chicken Masala:

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This saucy and orange-colored dish is extremely loved by the non-vegetarian food lovers and is cooked using chunks of roasted marinated chicken and few authentic Indian spices and seasonings.


So, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional caterer in Singapore and serve one or all of the above mentioned delicious Indian non-vegetarian dishes to your guests in your party and tantalize their taste buds like never before.

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