Top 6 Delicious and Authentic South Indian Cuisines to Eat and Enjoy In Singapore

Singapore is the hottest pot of cuisines to eat, integrating an affluent heritage of cuisine comprising of Indian, Indonesian, Chinese and Malaysian influences. Singaporeans might have seen these delicious across numerous restaurants and food courts across Singapore.

There are still dozens of cuisines in Singapore which are true to their heritage, but for those looking to cover them all it will take some. Singaporeans admire trying their hands-on these time-tested cuisines they all grew up with. For vacationers, this is an amazing check-list of authentic South Indian caterers and cuisines in Singapore.

The doings, flow, aroma and most importantly its tang all make the Singaporeans feel at home. Their taste buds adapted to the tastes, aromas and style of South Indian cuisines, the delicious masala dosa surfaced as the flavorful breakfast of Singaporeans. South Indian cuisines are absolutely delicious and are quite distinct.

Check out the Top 7 Delicious and Authentic South Indian Cuisines to Eat and Enjoy in Singapore:

  • Singapore-based top south Indian caterers and restaurants offer the most perfect, delicious and authentic Masala Dosa in the amalgamation of the crispness and wacky flavor of a thin dosa and the slightly spiced and boiled potato mixture stuffed inside it. Adding to this the pails of South Indian dishes, sambar and numerous wet chutneys which are popped mustard seeds and ground coconut, chili/mint/curry leafs/coriander and chana dal/peanut chutney. A complete treatment of rava, onion, Mysore and all permutations of dosa might definitely be the matter of a flavorsome dissertation.

Masala Dosa

  • Thali’s integrate numerous little meals in one; it is a small buffet on a banana leaf. For the little plate snacker’s in Singaporeans, certainly a delight to have. A huge stack of rice types the base and lesser piles or tin cups of curries, pickle and chutneys can be easily found in path. Topped off along with a chapati and papadum and Singaporeans are all set.

South Indian Thali

  • Dream up a fried, flavorful and thick donut and South Indian caterers facilitate the Singaporeans with a delicious Vada. It’s the urad dal, lentil, crushed red and green chili, gram flour and potato mashed which deliver the Vada its heft. It can be eaten like a snack along with delicious hot sambar and wet chutneys.
  • Idlis are a flavorful, healthy and steamed saucer-like cakes made with a batter through fermented black lentils, curd and rice. They are served hot with sambar and wet chutneys. Idli are particularly admired in the morning and tempting, mostly after they have been steamed fresh.


  • Curd rice is cooked with evenly fried spices like mustard seed, coriander leafs, curry leafs, cumin, asafoetida and twisted with plain yogurt. It acts like a cooling agent both from the flavor of authentic South Indian food and from the powerful Indian heat that often leaves Singaporeans without an appetite.

Curd Rice

  • Enjoy a glass of authentic south Indian-style coffee served along with lots of milk and sugar. South Indian coffee wallahs will certainly toss the piping hot milk and coffee with two metal cups until it is properly mixed and at a proper drinking temperature.

South Indian Coffee

So, next time when you are in Singapore on the hunt for delicious and authentic south Indian food, browse through Indian Catering, a leading online food portal that lists only the South Indian caterers in Singapore. Maybe then Singaporeans find that the more they eat it the more they will develop to adore it!

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